Sexopus, 2017.  Concrete, carbon, plastic. 

Sexopus, 2017. Concrete, carbon, plastic. 

"Undeflatables" started with a dare--my artist friend and I challenged each other to bid on an abandoned storage container in the Bronx (NYC) and to document through original artworks whatever we found there. I found boxes of random and varied inflatable/blow-up toys. Like an urban archaeologist I decided to capture the imprint of the inflatables with concrete in much the same way that Giuseppe Fiorelli captured the air pockets in Pompeii. As the director of excavations in 1865, he ingeniously realized that the air pockets in the dig must be something important and indeed they turned out to be molds left by ancient peoples. The bodies had long since decayed so by pumping plaster into the molds sculptures of dogs and humans were rendered. In my work here, I attempted at first to burn off the plastic and leave behind clean concrete molds in the shape of the inflatables. However, miraculously (or through the physics of heat transmission) the plastic did not burn completely off even under a direct, intense and sustained flame. The result is a fascinating and permanent patina that crystallizes a contemporary artifact.