Non-Euclidean Alice

A revisiting of an original Alice In Wonderland illustration, suggesting a new form of representation in the digital age.

This work is a re-appropriation of Sir John Tenniel’s illustration published in the first edition of Alice In Wonderland, overlaid with the symbolic algebra necessary to create a digital copy of the image. Alice In Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll as a response to non-Euclidean math, which showed that the axioms of geometry were not absolute, but relative. The new forms of math coming out at the time, like symbolic algebra and imaginary numbers, were frightening for the establishment. This paradigm shift had repercussions outside of math and science, and we all fell down a rabbit hole into a modern/post-modern world. This reinterpreted image was published in an Amazon bestseller as a commissioned piece, and is now represented in digital and print form.